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The Faculty of Humanities is one of the faculties under Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Malang. It provides modern and globally-minded education, fosters a healthy community, and conducts research that impacts global issues and challenges. We integrate Ma'had education (traditional Islamic boarding school) in the learning process within the campus environment. In their first year, our students are placed in Ma'had, where they learn Arabic, English, the Qur'an, hadith, and Islamic thought as a basic strengthening of their religious knowledge

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Maulana Malik Ibrahim

The teachings of Maulana Malik Ibrahim encompass a spiritual and educational philosophy that emphasizes the values of goodness, wisdom, and exemplary conduct. Maulana Malik Ibrahim, a prominent saint of the 14th century in Indonesia, is known for his teachings that reflect the spirit of unity between Islam and local culture.

One of the core teachings of Maulana Malik Ibrahim is the importance of understanding and practicing Islam with a sincere and compassionate heart towards fellow human beings. He advocated that religious understanding should be accompanied by tangible acts of goodness in daily life.

Maulana Malik Ibrahim also emphasized the significance of education as a means to achieve a deeper understanding of religion and as a way to build a better society. His teachings encouraged his followers to become wise leaders, striving to spread values of goodness and assisting others in achieving spiritual and material success.

In essence, Maulana Malik Ibrahim taught the importance of spirituality, compassion, and education in building a harmonious and cultured society, which are fundamental values in the Islamic tradition in Indonesia.


Spirituality serves as the primary foundation for building a prosperous and ethical society. Maulana Malik Ibrahim taught that sincerity of heart, compassion, and devotion to God should be at the core of every action and social interaction. Through spiritual guidance and the promotion of values of goodness, Maulana Malik Ibrahim motivated his followers to create a harmonious society where every individual contributes to the common welfare with care and religious zeal.

Compassion towards fellow human beings is the key to fostering harmonious relationships and strengthening social solidarity. Maulana Malik Ibrahim taught that compassion should be the basis for daily interactions, encouraging his followers to assist, respect, and care for the needs of others. Thus, he promoted the values of compassion as a strong foundation for creating an empathetic and supportive community.

Education is the key to enhancing understanding of religion, moral values, and broader knowledge. Maulana Malik Ibrahim motivated his followers to become wise leaders and to disseminate knowledge with benevolence. He regarded education as a tool for transforming society for the better, inspiring individuals to actively participate in social development and create a generation that contributes to the positive progress of society.

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