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Faculty of Humanities


Enhancing scholarly professionalism and improve the students’ employability

Faculty of Humanities prepares students’ careers for the future through various courses. A variety of courses are designed to meet the students’ interests and aspirations to provide you with high-quality education and relevant skills in the real world.

Language course

Our Language Course Program is an opportunity to delve into, develop, and enhance language competencies. From interactive classes to multimedia resources, we guide students through engaging instruction, assisting them in mastering their chosen language. Each of our students will have the chance to participate in a one-year foreign language enhancement program (Arabic and English).

Achievment motivation course

The Faculty of Humanities understands that motivation is the key to achieving goals. Therefore, we provide tools and strategies to assist students in staying motivated and focused on their journey of accomplishment. From personal coaching sessions to intensive motivational training, we help students identify their goals, design action plans, and overcome potential obstacles they may encounter.

Learning strategy

The Faculty of Humanities understands that each individual has a different learning style. Therefore, we offer various approaches that can be tailored to students' preferences, aiding them in mastering the material more quickly and effectively. With these courses, we guide students through a systematic and proven journey of improving their learning abilities.

Academic skill writing

We understand that Academic Writing Skills are the key to unlocking a strong foundation in scholarly communication. From proper writing structure to accurate referencing techniques, we guide students in constructing solid arguments and organizing ideas clearly. Therefore, we offer practical courses in producing high-quality written works, along with providing constructive feedback to enhance your abilities.

Bussines plan

The Faculty of Humanities understands that entrepreneurship is about innovation and perseverance. Therefore, we provide tools and resources that help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the competitive business world. Our Entrepreneurship Training serves as a platform where ideas turn into actions. From designing robust business plans to understanding effective marketing strategies, we guide and instill the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset in students to support their careers.