Faculty of Humanities


The Faculty of Humanities at UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang has a modern and spacious building with complete facilities to support academic and non-academic activities. The faculty has comfortable classrooms equipped with modern equipment for learning activities. In addition, the faculty also has language laboratories equipped with the latest equipment to support language teaching, a library with a comprehensive collection of books and excellent sources of information in various languages, and fast and stable internet access to support learning and research activities.​

Student Facilities

The Faculty of Humanities is committed to providing an unforgettable educational experience. The modern, comprehensive, and supportive facilities on our campus are specially designed to meet the needs and aspirations of contemporary students. We believe that a supportive environment can provide an extra boost in achieving academic excellence and personal development. Therefore, our Student Facilities are meticulously designed to make your educational journey inspiring and memorable.

Student community

Our Student Community is the place where students can form meaningful social connections throughout their educational journey. From diverse clubs and organizations to exciting campus events, we create an environment that facilitates their connection, sharing, and growth. Beyond just a socializing space, our Student Community serves as a platform for creativity and innovation. Through various projects and activities, students can develop leadership skills, expand their networks, and prepare for real-world challenges. Some of our student communities are involved in fields such as Calligraphy, Digital Art, Journalism, Creative Writing, Music, Dance, and Debate.
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