Hallycon and Faculty of Humanities Collaborate on Digital Class Program for Students

HUMANITIES - (9/1/2024) To kick off 2024, the Faculty of Humanities at the State Islamic University (UIN) Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang will host an innovative program called Humaniora Digital Class. This program is open to all students in the Faculty of Humanities and aims to shape students with global insights and high digital skills to compete on the global stage.
With the main theme "Developing Language Skills in The Digital Space," the program is scheduled to begin in early February 2024. The uniqueness of the Humaniora Digital Class lies in its focus on developing language skills in the continuously evolving digital era.
The collaboration involving the Faculty of Humanities and Hallycon, a nationally recognized company in the creative industry, serves as the foundation for organizing this program. Hallycon, well-known in the creative industry, is expected to make a significant contribution to providing a quality learning experience.
The program is planned to last for a full week, and participants will gain in-depth insights and guidance from experts in the creative and digital language industries. One of the main goals of this program is to encourage participants to create an ecosystem that can maximize the digital platform as a basis for developing their language skills.
Dr. M. Faisol, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, stated, "We are very excited to present the Humaniora Digital Class program as our effort to continually innovate in delivering learning processes relevant to the times. With the support of Hallycon, we believe this program will provide significant added value to our students."
Meanwhile, Hima Roiku Dinia, the founder of Hallycon, separately expressed hope that the Humaniora Digital Class Program could produce individuals active in creating digital innovations and, in the long term, could shape startups. "We are very pleased with this collaboration. The hope is that this program can encourage students who can design and develop innovative ideas in the field of language through digital platforms," she said.
It is hoped that the Humaniora Digital Class can be a new milestone in education at the Faculty of Humanities at UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang, opening new opportunities for students to explore their potential in the ever-changing digital world. The program is also expected to serve as a means of integrating digital skills with humanities studies. [aii]"

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